Dr E – One to Watch! – Get Elevated!

Dr E released her debut album, Elevated, in 2010 to more than just polite ripples of applause. And with good reason! There are enough juicy morsels on Elevated to satisfy fans of jazzy chanteuses such as Billy Holiday and Queen Badu, while also offering up a diverse selection of accomplished grown folks music. As the 2010 lists come in from the great and good in the soul community, I hope that Dr E will be included, as she undoubtedly deserves at least an honourable mention. While Elevated may not be that wholly consistent, perfect first album, it nonetheless announces the arrival of an original voice on the scene with bags of personality and a refreshing individuality. Without a doubt, one to watch in 2011.

Take a listen to the album standout, the mature, real soul cut, Walk This Road! Niceness!

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