Leon Ware & Quadron: Orchids for the Sun (Video)

Leon Ware is one of Mr SoulCuts all time favourite artists. Over the past few years, the legend has chosen his collaborators wisely (we understand there is no planned duet with Mr Pussy himself, Brian Mack-Night), blessing the soul fraternity via cuts with Jazzanova, Liquid Spirits, AtJazz, The Decoders and now Danish soul duo, Quadron. Its testament to the strength of the man’s artistry that each collaboration with the aforementioned whipper-snappers ends up sounding more like a Leon Ware cut, rather than simply a cameo appearance.

This new track, Orchids for the Sun surfaced a couple of weeks back (which we shared over on our sister site, Croute-en-Beaute). We were immediately enamoured by its lush arrangement, the gentle nod to Leon‘s work with Marcos Valle and Leon’s captivating vocal performance. Deep into his seventieth decade, it’s astounding, energising and genuinely moving to hear Leon Ware making music every bit as strong as those timeless treasures of the past forty years.

The video was shot by Lisa Roze while shooting the cover for the song’s forthcoming vinyl release. It’s a beautiful video with an omnipresent sun bathing the glorious track in just a little more light. Captivating.

Orchids for the Sun is soon to be released on Quieres Chicle Records. Mr SoulCuts is first in the queue!

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