Soulpersona Ventures into New Land (Neo Terra)!

Mr SoulCuts can’t hide his admiration for Soulpersona. While he may be prolific, via his own work and countless fresh remixes for other artists, Soulpersona never skimps on the quality. Each production and remix is stamped with a pedant’s attention to detail, yet combined with a music lover’s passion for the material. The result is always a groove thicker (yet decidedly tastier) than a king size donner (or gyro). Take this new cut, Neo Terra, as an example. SoulP, with help from trumpeter Neil Waters, covers a classic slice of Freddie Hubbard without desecrating the original. It’s a subtle remake that gently edges a hip-hop feel to the fore, at once reminding us how wonderful Hubbard‘s take was while creating a jolly lovely piece of head-nod fusion business that stands out on its own merits. Well worth a quid!

Neo Terra is available via SoulP‘s Bandcamp site and can also be heard on this week’s SoulCuts2012 podcast.

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