R&B Hotness: Tyler Conti – No More Room

R&B is in a right old pickle these days. The ubiquitous Guetta-glazed grooves dominate the charts, with R&B’s most promising voices turning to the Europap infected dark side for hits. R&B appears to have hit its nadir. However, on the evidence of Tyler Conti‘s B.Slade assisted new single, No More Room, it’s perhaps premature to toll its bell.
Crisp and compelling production, catchy melodies and nineties styled vocals all coalesce on this Tyler Conti cut, written and produced by the iconoclastic B.Slade. Die-hard soul boys and girls may find No More Room troublesome, but for those with a penchant for quality nineties R&B (albeit with a delicious 2012 twist), this’ll do nicely.

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