Everybody Needs (A) Personal Life

One of the best albums to arrive Chez SoulCuts this year has to be the forthcoming debut release from Personal Life on Tokyo Dawn Records (and on Expansion for its UK CD release). Morning Light is an unabashed celebration of live soul, jazz-funk and rare groove that should shimmy its way into every soul fan’s collection with ease.

Formed by Robert Strauss and featuring the vocal talents of Stuart Lisbie, Personal Life have produced an album that stands up well against any soul release of the past fifty years. While that may sound somewhat hyperbolic, it’s not (so there). Indeed, Morning Light has all the hallmarks of a future classic: strong songwriting, live instrumentation (encompassing those all important horns and strings), a variety of lyrical and musical moods and tones (from dancers to more reflective jazzier cuts) without an ounce of filler. Ten cuts deep, Morning Light takes the listener back to an era when albums demanded the listener’s attention from start to finish.

Morning Light is timeless soul of the highest order. Personal Life don’t pander to trends, instead focusing on, “…real music, hand made to last the test of time.” In today’s ephemeral music market, that’s a pretty lofty ambition, but the guys pull it off without once falling into the retro trap. Morning Light is a stunning soul album, for 2013 and beyond!

You can learn more about Personal Life and purchase the album via Tokyo Dawn Records.